The Biggest Loser- Raheens 2012

Raheens GAA………The Biggest Loser, Lent 2012

  • The weigh in was Ash Wednesday Feb 22, Weigh Out Good Friday April 6. (44 days in total), venue to be confirmed
  • All entrants will be contacted by text to confirm the above
  • Winner will determined by largest percentage weight loss
  • 20% of money received goes to the winner, balance to the club i.e. 20 entrants, €200 to winner, €800 to the club
  • To ensure level playing field, please wear similar clothes  at Weigh In & Weigh Out
  • Contacts: Gerry Crowley (087 9546888), Daithi Malone (086 8242177)
Special Gym Rate.
The Gables gym in Newbridge are offering special rates if u mention Raheens biggest loser €6 per ad-hoc session or €60 membership for the 44 days. (will reduce to 50 if close to 10 people join)